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!!IMPORTANT!!: THE BLACK ICE IS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Members will not be charged their dues. Performers may contact us with questions, but there is currently no set date for our reopen.
The Black Ice started off in 1989 as a 'zine' publication compiling the work of artists local to southern California. It later became an on-line mailing list, and in 1990 we pooled all our pocket change to set up shop at our current location. As of this year, Black Ice has been bringing the best of goth, post-punk, industrial, no-wave, electronic, aggro-tech, ebm, experimental, avant-garde, metal, and more straight to you for ten years straight.

Regular events:

Monday - Local Band or Special Event
Tuesday - Techno & Trance Tuesday with set by DJ Aurora Genesis
Wednesday - Gothic Brunch Tea Party (every third Weds at 11am) + Drag nights
Thursday - Retro Night - 70s & 80s hits from Barbie's collection
Friday - Fetish Friday
Saturday - Corruption - Gothic and industrial metal
Sunday - Midnight movie or Special Event

Members are entitled to reduced entry fees and some members-exclusive events, as well as other perks. The membership fee is $5 a month, and becoming a member requires a sponsorship from an existing member. However, if you don't know any members, you are still welcome most nights as long as you follow the dress code and don't cause a scene :-). Read more about memberships on the "members" page.

Contact us at 310-BLAKICE. For more, see the "contact" page.