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  1. No foolish behavior. That means no hate, no violence, no drama. No exceptions.
  2. No weapons are allowed on premises. That means no firearms, knives, or explosives. Confiscated items will not be returned.
  3. No outside food or drink.
  4. Please abide by the dress code.
  5. Respect other guests' boundaries at all events, including BDSM themed nights. Failure to aquire proper consent will result in removal from the premises and termination of the perpetrator's membership.
  6. Photography policy varies by event. Please check with the organizers if you plan on taking photographs.
  7. Hours vary, but most nights the club closes at 3am.
  8. Age restrictions vary per night. Most events are 18+, some 21+, and a few are all ages.

Failure to follow club rules will be dealt with at staff discretion. Breaking the rules, or behaving in a manner that is dangerous, illegal, or stupid, can result in removal from the club, termination of membership status, and a permanent ban on future entry to the club. This is to keep our staff and patrons alike safe and happy.